Training: IGP/IPO/Schutzhund, helperwork, obedience, tracking

Dog training through relationship

In contemporary society, particularly within the portrayal of animals in various forms of media and cinema, we often witness a prevalent tendency to attribute human qualities and emotions to our beloved canine companions. This inclination sometimes leads pet owners to nurture unrealistic expectations, presuming that their dogs possess an innate ability to decipher their thoughts

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Teaching Resilience in the “attack from decoy exercise

By Abhai Kaul Teaching a dog to fight the drive of the helper in the pocket, and show resilience rather than trying to escape, is crucial for effective confrontation in the drive to create a powerful picture. By instilling the understanding that confronting the challenge head-on is a better option than avoidance, you help the

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Strong German Shepherds produce good dogs for the future

By Abhai Kaul Breeding truly exceptional dogs, ones that excel both in physical prowess and mental acuity, is an intricate art that hinges on the strength of the foundation – the strong females that lay the cornerstone of excellence. These matriarchs hold the key to perpetuating a legacy of excellence in the world of German

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Lupin finishes his IGP1 title

Lupin achieved his IGP 1 with very good points in all three phases. He competed the German Shepherd Dog Club of America trial hosted by Horand Hundesport in Haymarket, Virginia. His tracking was enthusiastic and methodical, high energy in obedience and powerful picture in protection work, Considering he had limited training opportunities in phase C.

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