Successful IGP Trial

Horand Hundesport had its second successful IGP trial as a GSDCA club

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Horand Hundesport’s second Club Trial and Helper Seminar and third event in 3 short months is in the books. A big thank you to our Club President Dr. Hilliard for taking the role of trial secretary and keeping things running smoothly always.
Firstly, I’d like to say how proud I am of our little group and how much everyone has accomplished with their dogs in these few short months, with rigorous work, consistency and camaraderie anything is possible. We must always remember that schutzhund is a team sport and there are no lone heroes. We all move forward together by helping each other.
Thank you Judge Karlov for being generous with your time and coming out to judge our trial. Thank you Teaching Helper Rory Brendan for driving up to do a seminar and work dogs to help the dog get a look from a different perspective. Deep gratitude for your time and expertise.
My biggest happiness lies in the success of our club members when they start to believe in themselves and their relationship with their dogs. Congrats to Regina for taking the plunge with your first dog that you have put a title on. Luke and you looked great putting together the BH routine considering, we whipped it together in 3 weeks! Your relationship and the little pieces that you worked on added to a successful title!
Congrats to Carlie and Sherzer for getting your BH in the first HHS trial, then getting your show rating at the show a few weeks later and now your SPR1 with a month of training in! Great job to the two of you and believing in him even when something like this seemed distant a few weeks ago!
Massive Congrats to Maria and Diana for making High Protection with a 97V! and high in trial! She was on fire and never looked better, from the barking, to the transitions to the long attack! Everything was seamless! On to the blind searches now for the 2 🙂
Lupin ended up DQ in C with no out after the long attack. He seemed to be feeling the brisk air and was very proud of what his idea of the routine was 😃 We have work to do and life goes on.
Helper Seminar and Certification :
If you have not had the chance to work with Rory, I suggest you do. He is not only safe and fair with the dogs during every phase, but has a clear grasp of the concepts of drives, emotion in protection and of course the helper’s duties in a trial and on the training field before the trial. He was kind, patient and offered excellent instruction to our new Apprentice helper and was able to make it a fun learning environment for her. The GSDCA is richer as an organization for having him in this position.
And thats a Wrap! See you guys at the next one. We have dogs to train!

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