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Embark on an Exciting Journey: Meet Our Exceptional German Shepherd Puppies!
Our litters are meticulously selected from health-tested dogs with impeccable temperaments, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the Breed’s Highest Standards.
From excelling in Schutzhund/IPO/IGP to shining in breed shows and becoming cherished family members, our puppies boast versatile talents. Dive into our current breedings, and let’s make your dreams of the perfect furry companion a reality!

25 Years Experience

Award Winning Dogs

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Nummer-Eins Advantage

  • Pedigrees: Our puppies come from pedigrees with multiple generations of hip and elbow certified parents. An established motherline with generational longevity and vitality: arguably the best marker of great genetic health.
  • Certifications and Titles: Schutzhund/IPO/IGP titled to ensure biddable character and excellent temperaments. Our breeding dogs are thoroughly evaluated to ensure the highest quality and stable minds, making them ideal for any family.
  • Achievements & Family Compatibility: With successful competition records both in the United States and globally, our German Shepherds have not only won awards for their structure, drives, and character but are also cherished members of their families. Click to read Testimonials.

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Lupin Dell' Alto Piano
HD-ED a1 Normal, IGP2, Ang.
Tabasco von Nummer-Eins
HD OFA Good ED Normal

Puppies  from this breedings are excelling in different avenues and thriving with their families.

Lupin is a male of outstanding character, excellent trainability, outstanding fitness and a very playful and engaging temperament; All of his children thus far embody his happy go lucky nature, have excellent engagement and are suitable for all sorts of homes: from families looking for an active companion dog that can do an array of tasks from hiking, to playing ball to competing in different avenues.


Tabasco combines two excellent motherlines, one coming from our own Motte vom Suentelstein, who produced excellent health in her children along with outstanding temperaments that competed on the highest level in North America and Germany with lots of success, along with Jilnanah Talka Marda (sister of the World Champ Javir) through her maternal grandson Ucon vom Patiala (National Competitor). Tabasco is the niece of my outstanding male Stryder who was not only a top working dog, but also one of the best looking dogs around, embodying the German Shepherd’s universal concept.


Tabasco’s siblings as well as children from her first litter are in a wide variety of homes where they range from working service dogs, to active family pets to dogs getting ready for working competitions. True German Shepherds in every sense of the word, encompassing great temperaments, excellent health and longevity.

For inquiries please contact: +1-614-598-7546.

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