What our Clients Have to Say…

Discovering how dogs carve their place in the world stands as a profound testament to the strength and success of our breeding program. Our dogs not only excel in your chosen fields but also enhance the lives of their human companions, whether they serve as therapy animals, service dogs, training partners, or cherished friends. We take immense pride in the positive impact our breeding program has on humanity.

Here, we proudly present a selection of testimonials from our delighted clients and their beloved canine companions. We are excited to share the heartwarming stories of these remarkable dogs and the wonderful people who have welcomed them into their lives.

Vader with Jason & Susi

“Words will never be able to describe how truly blessed we are to have partnered with Abhai and his family for one of their amazing German Shepherds.   From the very start and even two years later, Abhai has always been there for us to provide council, ideas, and sound advice.  We consider Abhai to be family and are so happy with our boy, Vader.  He is so loving, so smart, and, perfectly, ALL GAS NO BREAKS.  His ball drive is unmatched.  He’s so committed to training and pushing himself for his family, and he’s also the guy that gets 20 “He’s so handsome” comments, daily.  Every day.  All week.  All year.  THANK YOU for everything you have given us, Abhai & Priya.  “

Kismet with Angie
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When I first met Abhai and his wife at their home i was impressed how they engaged with the German Shepards. They both respected the dogs for their characteristics and their purpose. I personally have always loved German Shepherds for their noble character and intelligence and with proper training and breeding they make the best breed as companions. 
Kismet is now 4 years old. I got her when she was 10 months old and Abhai had already trained her. His training showed when I walked with her, she was always beside me. This was a very good sign. In public she never deviated from me, another good sign. I was very impressed and very happy. 
I can see that his love for the breed by carefully co-ordination the proper mating practices and his training is exceptional. 
Within these few years I have gotten to know Abhai and his wonderful wife and beautiful daughter. I feel their genuine willingness to help and to be of service when I need them is always accepted.
A beautiful family, their  commitment and admiration to the breed is evident.”

Raven with Dr. David & Dr. Angela S.

“We looked around for several months for our second German Shepherd, and we’re so happy we found Abhai. We were immensely impressed with how well he could articulate his breeding goals for creating a GSD with the correct temperament and conformation. After meeting many of his dogs – spanning 5 generations to include his 14 year old matriarch – it was clear to us that his GSDs have a consistent excellent quality about them. We were looking for a breeder who was more concerned with quality and not quantity. Not only are his dogs beautiful, they are healthy and athletic with a balanced temperament. It is very obvious that he has a long experience with training them. He has an impressive understanding of dog psychology, easily explaining behaviors and how to positively use it to get the behavior one desires. This is our first foray into Schutzhund training, and we couldn’t ask for a more understanding or helpful coach. In many ways he is not helping to train Raven, he is actually training us, as Raven already comes with all the behavior and drive that make her a great GSD. As a result, it is so much fun learning Schuntzhund with her. Raven is a wonderful mix of working dog and family pet – she has no lack of drive, demonstrating a monstrous level of intensity when it is time to work. When she is not working, which is anytime in the house, she chills out and is super affectionate. She enjoys bite work immensely, and gets very excited about tracking. She is a great family dog; she automatically knows how to modulate her level of play with our daughter, and is very attached to all of us. Everywhere we go she gets many appreciative comments on her looks!”

Enzo with Robert and Evin

“Bringing a Nummer Eins Dog into the family is the best decision you will ever make. Not only are these dogs aesthetically stunning, but more importantly they have balanced temperaments, are highly intelligent and physically healthy. Our dog Enzo has exceeded all of our expectations and is a well-rounded, confident, loving member of our family.

As a breeder, Abhai is extremely hands on. You can see how deeply he cares for his animals. Over the past 7 years, he has helped guide us with our pup every step of the way and been there for us whenever we have come up against any challenges.

We so look forward to bringing another Nummer Eins pup into our family in the very near future!”

Red with Rachel & Dr. Akshay

Our dog – Red. From the moment he entered our lives, as a sweet little fur baby, Red has been a beacon of love, joy, mischief, and unwavering companionship. Every memory that stands out in my life, from the deeply personal moment when I proposed to my now wife to the grand celebration of our wedding, Red has always been there. He was the ring bearer and he was the best man. He is an embodiment of pure, unconditional love.
Red’s gentle nature and instincts are unparalleled. He senses our every emotion, knowing exactly when to comfort us and when to force us to play. He is playful with the kids and makes sure a stranger knows his place. His demeanor is a testament to his parents and Abhai, in how he raises/cares for the pups, moms, and dads. They are all exceptional and special dogs. I met Red’s dad, Kaos, and mom, Nala. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better dog. He is just a good, well-heaved dog! I walk him off-leash many times and he has never made me regret it. I cannot love him enough. 
The joy he has brought to me, our lives, is immeasurable.
He is a cherished family member, a reminder of the simple joys of life, and the embodiment of everything good and pure in this world. 
I cannot thank Abhai enough for trusting his pup with us. We couldn’t be happier.

Zeus with Sunil & Theresa

My Zeus was bred, raised and carefully taken care of by my dear friend Abhai. When he arrived, one look at him and we knew we had a family member. Nummer-Eins is a great kennel. They understand GSD breeding. Quality people produce quality dogs. There is none better. Happy 2024 to my extended family. 

Cheers Buddy!

Ophie & Bear with Sally & Mike

We have had the pleasure of bringing two Nummer-Eins dogs into our family.  Ophie joined us in the summer of 2019 and Bear in December 2019.  To say that they are family members is an understatement.  They make us laugh every day.  They are loyal, affectionate and full of personality. Bear and Ophie were lifesavers during the Covid lockdown.  I don’t know what we would have done without their companionship.  They continue to enrich our lives today.

Nummer Eins dogs are bred to reflect the finest of the GSD breed in all areas, conformation, personality, intelligence and health.  Abhai has devoted his life to raising exceptional German Shepherds.  And he was and is available to us if we have questions or need advice.  

Doc with Sarah

Preserving the integrity of a German Shepherd Dog is a rarity. Abhai and the Von Nummer-Eins kennel is second to none. When I first reached out to Abhai, he listened to what my needs were and we waited for the perfect adult dog to meet our needs. 
“When we brought ‘Doc’ to our home in 2018, we had 3 children, including a 10 month old baby. Doc was exactly as Abhai had described. We knew he was beautiful with an imposing face but his demeanor was a couch potato who just needed a family to love on and be loved.
Now, we are a family with 5 children under 9 years of age. Doc has been with us for our 2 most recent babies and has been the most gentle, loving, patient big brother. 
Doc has never been anything but a gentle giant to our children or any children he meets during our busy lives.
With Doc, what I was sold is what our family got. A loving family member who was easily trained and loves our kids more by the day. 
For me -as a first time GSD owner, Abhai was responsive and had been the last 6 years for any questions I’ve had. He and his family truly care about this breed and I’m happy to provide any direct testimonial.”

Arko with Fab & Dan

Arko came to us as a 7 month old pup.  He became part of the pack right away.  Arko is a nicely structured GSD, whose conformation is top notch. True to his name, he is sensitive and feels the emotions of those around him.
He is very smart, wants to please, has high food and ball drive. Yet, he’s also perfectly fine lounging around. 
Arko, now 6 years old, took a while to mature into adulthood and come into his own. The fun part of him is he wants to play daily as if he’s still a pup.
He made a great family companion and guardian.  He has full, calm grips on the sleeve and counters well. He “outs” on command and is clean in the bark and hold.
He is healthy with no issues, and look forward to a long life with him.

Arjun with Jofia

I’m absolutely thrilled with the best tempered German Shepherd, Arjun, that we got from his amazing breeder, Abhai. Arjun’s behavior with kids is simply remarkable- He’s gentle, protective, and incredibly patient. Abhai’s support during the process was invaluable. Arjun has not only become a beloved pet, but also a wonderful playmate for our kids. Thank you, Abhai, for providing us with such a fantastic addition to our family! 

Hoshi with Ramyata & Tanay

“Hey Abhai, I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to drop you a note to express our gratitude for bringing Hoshi into our lives. It’s been two fantastic years with our intelligent and handsome pup, and we couldn’t be happier.
Hoshi has turned out to be an amazing companion, and we’re constantly amazed by his intelligence (he understands that the click of the close of the headphone case means that a call is over and potentially we can pay attention to him). He picks up tricks faster than we can teach them, he’s truly a remarkable dog, thanks to your breeding expertise.
What really sets you apart is your constant advice and support regarding Hoshi’s health. Whenever we’ve had questions or concerns, your quick responses and guidance have been a huge help. Your recommendations on supplements for his long-term well-being have made a real difference in keeping him healthy and happy.
In short, Abhai, we’re so grateful for Hoshi and for your friendship and support. You’re not just a dog breeder; you’re a trusted friend who’s helped us give Hoshi the best life possible.”

Milo with Steve

“As a first time GSD owner I had a lot of questions regarding owning a GSD.  Abhai exhibited tremendous patience and understanding while educating me about the breed.  He felt it was extremely important to be sure I was satisfied and that my home was suitable for a new GSD puppy.  4 years later, I have a wonderful companion and a lifelong friend (Abhai) /breeder.  We continue to stay in touch despite being several miles apart. “

Chianti with Sophie

“HI AK! Hope you and your family are well. I just wanted to touch base with you. Chianti is the most amazing, intelligent, loving, happy girl ever. We are so happy with her. She too 🙂

I just can’t thank you enough for this amazing girl we have! I do keep working on the training commands we learned with you which she performs perfectly.

I find comfort in bringing all the dogs along with me on trail rides with the horses and I know the dogs love it. Chianti also comes with me all over… Co OP, TSC etc.”

Athena with Vincent

“Firstly, Abhai is an amazing person by heart, his love for dogs is wonderful, I recently had the chance to own one of Nummer-Eins puppy, these dogs are extremely intelligent with balanced temperaments, beautiful movement, superior drives and amazing anatomy. Abhai helped me a lot to learn and understand more about the breed. I would definitely recommend meeting him and his dogs if you want to know what actual German shepherds look and behave like.”

Nash & Enzo with Dr. Nariman

“I can’t thank Abhai enough for all the time he has taken to educate me on how to take care of my puppies. My family and I have brought two of them home with us and we could not be any happier. His knowledge of the breed and his compassion and care of his puppies are second to none!”