Lupin Dell'AltoPiano

V2, BH, IGP2, AD, Angek. HOT

Personal protection dog, estate protection dog, german shepherd stud dog, working dog
Breed Survey Report: 
Large, medium strong, substantial, stretched, high withers, straight back, slightly short, slightly sloping croup, good angulation s (front and rear), almost straight front, good brisket proportions, almost straight coming, shows good reach (in movement).
TSB pronounced (Pronounced courage in Bitework)
Special observation and recommendations: Temperamentful male.

Line Breeding – 5 Generations.

F-Litter Karthago (Forma/Flexi): 4-5

*- Breeding Cherokee Wölfen x Falk Wölfen: 4-4

Fina vom Hainpark: 5,5 – 5

German Shepherd pedigree, lupin

IGP 1      A:94 B:90 C:91                Mr. Michael Karlov (GSDCA)                Haymarket, Virginia

IGP 2      A:90 B:90 C:96 (V)       Mr, Lajos Völdvari (SV)                         Maurertown, Virginia