We are German Shepherd Dog Breeders in Virginia.

We raise the Highest Quality German Shepherd Dogs in North America with emphasis on Temperament, Character, Health and Anatomy. 

Nummer Eins German Shepherds  

What We Do

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Discover our occasional breeding efforts that enhance our exceptional program further. We proudly present robust, Red-Black German Shepherd puppies, sourced from elite German Stud dogs. Explore our Litters page for insights into ongoing and upcoming breeding plans. Our Sixth generation Breeding Program boasts of remarkable longevity, with senior dogs leading vibrant lives well into their teenage years.

German Shepherd Breeder, German Shepherd Breeders in Virginia


Our exclusive board and train program has been meticulously designed to foster optimal socialization, reassuring crate training and unwavering obedience. Elevate your cherished companion into a valuable asset to society as you forge a lasting bond of synergy as he/she picks up new skills to navigating the world.

For Sale: Trained Dogs/Imports

We have trained older puppies, adult dogs and imported German Shepherd Dogs available that make excellent companions and Personal Protection Dogs. These are dogs that meet the highest standards in quality, they are of good health, coming from internationally acclaimed, top winning bloodlines that are proven over multiple Generations for their temperaments and longevity.


Preserving the German Shepherd Dog Breed:

Preserving stability in temperament and maintaining excellent health which imparts longevity is a responsibility of the breeder: to put forth not only beautiful, but healthy, sound dogs that give the joy of companionship for many years.

We are German Shepherd breeders in Virginia and have bred, raised and competed around the world with excellent results. Our breeding program’s main focus lies on good health, and temperament as we believe the dogs are family members and companions first and anything else after. Our days are dedicated to socializing and training each and everyone of our german shepherds dogs, as we strongly believe that positive interaction enhances their personality and general well-being. We occasionally have German Shepherd puppies for sale in Virginia.

German Shepherd Dog, German Shepherd Breeders in Virginia

If you’re curious about our dogs, training, or even arranging a visit, we’re here to answer any questions.

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