Teaching Resilience in the “attack from decoy exercise

By Abhai Kaul

Teaching a dog to fight the drive of the helper in the pocket, and show resilience rather than trying to escape, is crucial for effective confrontation in the drive to create a powerful picture. By instilling the understanding that confronting the challenge head-on is a better option than avoidance, you help the dog develop confidence and control in the situation and is safer for both the dog and the helper.

This approach enhances the dog’s ability to handle the stress of the drive created by the pressure of the helper, (who’s job is to test your dog’s resilience and our job is to teach the dog to stop the attack) thus ensuring a more reliable response during that phase.

It’s important to acknowledge the intelligence and adaptability of our canine companions in this process. Crafting the desired picture requires consistency in training and the strategic use of positive reinforcement. The intricate balance between portraying an engaged “fight” over the sleeve and simultaneously maintaining control and confidence is essential to disengage and walk away from the helper with the approach of the handler as the dog changes drive states for the next phase of the exercise.

Dragon confronting helper in the drive while staying in the pocket.

Diana effectively stopping the helper during escape prevention.

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