Kennel Name: Nummer-Eins

Origin story by Abhai Kaul

The Literal translation is of course #1 written out in the German language. I do realize that might lend a speck of arrogance to the name, but that was only an unintentional side effect. The name came about when I was around 15. I looked at the kennel names that were around then and most still are now, and realized that they were either to do with the names of the people or the area where they were from. This is a time when I was obsessed with having the perfect dog (To my relief, I realized later that sentiment is but a mirage.) 

My thought was the names certainly don’t reflect upon the dogs that these great kennels had, just the breeder’s origins. I wanted mine, naturally, to be different from what everyone else seemed to be doing. So instead of the apparent traditional route, I chose something that in my mind represents a philosophy and an attitude more than anything else, and a manifestation of that ideal is “Nummer Eins”.

Excellence isn’t measured in trophies but by countless years in this beautiful endeavor constantly striving for perfection, trying to best yesterday.

It exemplifies the desire to succeed at the end goal – Breeding consistently my interpretation of the breed standard, the versatile German Shepherd. It stands for prioritizing important components of a breeding program like health, temperament and structure. Perfection is merely an illusion but the relentless pursuit of it can lead to excellence and the journey endured towards that goal can be defined as “Nummer Eins”.

VA Vesper v Nummer-Eins hiking in Big bear, California.

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