German Shepherd dogs with kids and strangers

By Abhai Kaul.

We should be looking to breed and raise dogs that are true to the breed standard. The German Shepherd Dog Breed Standard clearly defines that the GSD is a working dog, and its a dog that can fit in many roles and do them well. The founder of the breed was insistent on this very character, which is very much what the dogs are about. By work, I mean a dog that is willing to engage in any job asked of it. Also, the dog must have correct anatomy along with good temperament and drive to support that drive. A dog that keeps getting injured because of imbalance in structure due to excessive angulation is again a not a dog that follows the breed standard and hence is not a good representative of the breed if he or she is not of a robust build with firm ligaments.

Furthermore, the breed though a pastoral breed, is not a livestock guardian breed, so the demeanor of the around its own people is very important. A German Shepherd should crave its people. You should be able to live with your dog, the dog must be okay with your family, and aloof of strangers. If you want a dog to go to a dog park, play with strange dogs and socialize and cuddle with everyone, it’s not the breed for you. A German Shepherd is a protector of the home and hearth. The analogy I like to use is if any key can open your lock, what good is your lock?

Athena and her little friend
Ares being a ham

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