New German Shepherd Puppy Prep

List of Things to have ready when you bring your puppy home.

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Here’s a list of things to have ready before bringing your German Shepherd puppy home:

1. **Dog Essentials:**

   – Collar and leash

   – ID tag with your contact information

   – Water and food bowls

   – High-quality puppy food

   – Dog crate or comfortable bed

   – Toys for chewing and play

2. **Grooming Supplies:**

   – Dog brush suitable for your puppy’s coat type

   – Puppy-friendly shampoo

   – Nail clippers or grinder

   – Ear cleaning solution

   – Dog toothbrush and toothpaste

3. **Healthcare Supplies:**

   – Schedule a vet appointment for vaccinations and initial checkup

   – Puppy-safe flea and tick prevention

   – Puppy-safe worming treatment

4. **Training Supplies:**

   – Treats for positive reinforcement

   – Clicker for training

   – Potty training pads (if needed)

   – Puppy training books or resources

5. **Safety Measures:**

   – Baby gates to restrict access to certain areas

   – Puppy-proofing supplies to secure dangerous items

   – Electrical cord covers

6. **Records:**

   – Keep a record of vaccinations and medical history

7. **Socialization and Training Plan:**

   – Research local puppy classes or trainers

   – Plan for daily exercise and playtime

8. **Patience and Love:**

   – Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the responsibilities of puppy care

Remember, every puppy is unique, so some adjustments might be necessary based on your puppy’s personality and needs.

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