Breeding Practices

By Ajay Singh

Following is a blurb about breeding practices by Mr. Ajay Singh. Ajay is an avid German Shepherd enthusiast of several decades, the breeder of the  renowned kennel vom Patiala and Above all a dear friend. He has been an inspiration since my childhood days in the breed and how to go through life as an upstanding man and following your own value system. 

“ People who like testing the dogs for each and everything in a dog should at least make sure that the healthy dogs they are breeding are representatives of the breed.  I am not saying don’t test the dogs but merely suggesting that each breeder has to learn about how much risk is acceptable because the goal is to breed an animal that is representative of the breed.  In other words, don’t get carried away by health testing and lose track of your ultimate goal!  This was the intent behind Hips ZW or the height ZW.  It is OK to breed to an excellent dog with Grade 1 ED with all other littermates with good joint health.  It is OK to breed to a dog who is a DM carrier as long as the dog is special in some other way!  It is OK to breed a dog with a missing tooth with another dog who doesn’t have that issue.  Nature is not perfect and your results are not going to be either.  Prepare your mind and your puppy buyers for that!  You are not manufacturing something in the factory, just working with genetics!

I think a breeder who guarantees the health of a pup is misrepresenting because he has no control over the health of a pup. He has a control over the dogs he is breeding and a knowledge of their health. If you are accepting the risk of replacing the pup with less than stellar health, call it insurance not guarantee!”

Ajay with his male Ucon v Patiala

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