Breeder checklist: what breeders consider while offering a puppy for sale

By Abhai Kaul

I want to make sure that anyone who gets one of my dogs truly loves and values them, rather than seeing them as an investment or decoration. These dogs are smart and active, needing both love and a purpose.

When people approach me for a pup or dog from my breeding, I have a checklist and some things I look for. The dogs’ well-being and breed’s qualities are super important to me. Each dog should end up in a loving home where their needs are met.

Here’s what I consider:

  • Lifestyle: German Shepherds are clever and energetic, needing mental and physical activity. I see if the potential owner’s life fits this.
  • Living Space: I ask about where they live, whether it’s an apartment, house, or rural area. It has to be suitable for a German Shepherd’s size and energy.
  • Breed Knowledge: I want to know if they understand German Shepherds and their traits. This helps me know if they’re ready for the responsibilities.
  • Purpose: Depending on the dog’s lineage, I ask what they want the dog for – family companion, working, or showing. This helps me match the right dog with the right home.
  • Commitment: I talk about the long-term commitment needed, including training, care, and exercise. These dogs thrive with a committed family.
  • Experience: It’s not a deal-breaker, but knowing if they’ve had similar dogs before is good. It shows they know what they’re getting into.
  • Finances: Taking care of a dog costs money, so I make sure they’re ready for that.
  • Time: German Shepherds are social, needing interaction. I ask how much time they can spend with the dog.
  • Training: I ask about their plans for training and socializing the dog.
  • References: Sometimes I ask for references to know they’re responsible.

Yes, I’ve said no to buyers before. If I feel they don’t meet my criteria or aren’t ready for a German Shepherd, I decline politely. I want every dog I breed to have a great, loving life. It’s a tough choice, but it’s best for the dogs and the breed.

Athena and her young owner doting on her

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