Balanced Anatomy in the German Shepherd Dog

A well thought out description of balanced structure by Mr. Ajay Singh.

“The key word is balanced structure that doesn’t need to be propped up by the lines, pushing a pulling by the hands, or widening the base by moving the legs apart.  

A good structure is a functioning structure that allows the dogs to move effortlessly in all gaits (not just trotting gait), allows the dogs to spring into movement instantly, allows the dogs to turn on a dime and stop, and allows them to leap effortlessly.  These females are showing it.  The feet are under the body and not sticking out  a foot beyond where the tail stops, there is no roach or hump in the backs, the height to length proportions are correct.  People need to learn these things and understand that a good conformation dog should look like a normal dog.  

When these dogs move the top line is parallel to the ground. The force vectors are pointing in the direction of movement, not at acute angles in a different direction. There is no excessive stress on knees, and back and there is no compensatory movement required from the loins and no pressure is needed from the line to keep the neck and the head up.”

Kayos von Nummer-Eins captured mid gait.

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